Q. What does this Law abbreviation mean?


The easiest way to find out what an abbreviation in a law resource stands for is to look it up in the Cardiff Index To Legal Abbreviations.

This tool will allow you to look up what an abbreviation means, as well as what the preferred abbreviation for a resource is when you have the full title.  

For example:

You have been told to find the case report for the below case reference:

Corr v IBC Vehicles Ltd [2008] UKHL 13, [2008] 1 AC 884

The second part of this reference after the comma tells you the law report series where the case has been reported. But you have no idea what AC stands for.

Using the ‘Search By Abbreviation’ tool in the Cardiff Index, you can see that for the UK the abbreviation AC stands for The Law Reports: Appeal Cases series

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